Why Should I Put a Fence Around My Deck?

vinyl deckSo you’ve just built a new deck. What a wonderful extension to put on your home. Entertaining becomes an outdoor experience, you can have your morning coffee outside, barbecue and grill your dinners, and lounge in nature. A new deck is just like adding a room to your home, and should be treated as a new room.

But why should you put a fence around your deck? Well, most decks are raised off the ground. Even if they are just a step down, you or a guest could trip and get hurt. Putting a fence around your new deck is just good common sense. It is really a safety issue and should not be ignored just because you want a certain look to this new outdoor space.

There is also another reason to put a fence around your deck, and it is completely cosmetic. A deck doesn’t really have a finished look without one. A fence is what defines the space of this new “room,” and makes it look complete.

Also fences can be as elaborate or simple as you want them to be. They can give your new deck either a casual or more elegant feel. Think of the fence as a piece of jewelry, a kind of trimming, or an accessory, something that tops off the appearance of your new deck. It works to give the space a certain atmosphere, and can be an extension of the inside of your home’s decor, or be something new, different and a little out of the box.

Putting a fence around your deck is not only good for safety’s sake, but also good for making your new deck feel complete and finished. A fence’s style says a lot about you, and the fence is really the thing that defines your style.