Floating Boat Docks For Sale in New Jersey

You probably see plenty of wooden floating boat docks as you travel throughout the Delaware River, the Hudson River, Lake Hopatcong, or any other major body of water in New Jersey. They have been a traditional floating boat dock of choice since as far back as we remember. However, just as technology changes and advances, so, too, does the evolution of floating boat docks.

At Lakeside Dock Sales & Service, we are proud to manufacture some of the highest quality aluminum floating boat docks for residential and commercial customers. Our selection of dock systems for sale in New Jersey is pretty hard to beat in terms of price, style, design, and reliability. Each part of your floating dock is carefully made in our 10,000 square foot facility, equipped for all kinds of fabricating and welding jobs. We go to great lengths to ensure the floating dock you need precisely meets your requirements from top to bottom. To hear more about our dock systems for sale in New Jersey, get in touch with us today.

Why Aluminum for your Floating Boat Dock in New Jersey?

Aluminum floating boat docks are light-weight, cost-effective, and sturdier than most other types of docking material. They provide peace of mind during high and low water conditions and will last you and your family a very long. Using marine-grade aluminum, you can rest assured all of our aluminum floating boat docks are made with the highest quality materials. In fact, the aluminum we use is resistant to corrosion and is safe for the environment in both salt water and fresh water applications.

To learn more about our dock systems for sale in New Jersey, or to start designing your aluminum floating boat dock, give us a call. We’d love to discuss your project in more depth and gather any ideas you might have. Don’t forget! We offer floating boat dock installation and repair services for your safety, convenience and satisfaction.