Boat Docks For Sale in New York

Lakeside Dock Sales Service is a manufacturer of aluminum floating boat docks and more. We have a huge selection of dock systems for sale in New York State and many other parts of the country. The next time you sail on the waters of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, the Hudson River, or any other major body of water in New York State, keep an eye out for one of our aluminum floating boat docks.

About Floating Boat Docks Made With Aluminum

Aluminum floating boat docks are the lightest, state-of-the-art docks to hit the water. They boast a sleek, modern design unlike the traditional wooden floating boat docks. Aluminum is an affordable alternative to wood. As a matter of fact, no other type of marine docking material is quite like aluminum due to its unique characteristics, reliability, and longevity. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, more durable than wood and other material, and the frames are welded together for a much stronger hold.

Replace Your Wooden Boat Dock With A Floating Dock

If you are looking to replace your old, rotting wooden floating boat dock with a brand new aluminum floating boat dock, give the experts of Lakeside Dock Sales & Service a call today. We offer commercial and residential aluminum floating boat dock installation, repair and sales.

When it comes to aluminum floating boat docks, we are the company to enlist for the job! We have the most innovative dock systems for sale in New York. Get in touch with us today to learn about our aluminum floating boat docks and our selection of dock systems for sale, ranging in different sizes, designs and material.