Floating Jet Ski Docks & Ramps

Are you looking for floating jet ski ramps and docks for sale in Maryland? Then Lakeside Dock Sales has you covered. We at Lakeside provide premium products for both commercial and residential applications. We offer Wave Armor jet ski lifts for your personal watercrafts. These lifts are 100% RotoMolded, meaning they can withstand the toughest conditions with minimal wear and tear. They offer top performance and durability, with easy drive on and roll off capabilities.

Below are just some of the many floating jet ski ramps and docks we offer at our Maryland store:


SLX5 PWC Port for a Jet Ski

The SLX5 Jet Ski Port & Ramp by Wave Armor offers enhanced durability with ease of access for a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo or other jet propelled personal watercraft . It is 100% foam-filled with marine grade EPS foam, and its variety of mounting options offers one of the easiest drive on and roll off PWC ports or PWC ramp systems on the market. The independent wheel system offers an easier docking and launching process than the original stiff roller system. The SLX5 is designed to integrate seamlessly with all other Wave Armor floating dock systems that we at Lakeside Dock Sales offer.


  • Width: 60” Wide
  • Length: 12.8” Long
  • Weight: 286 LBS
  • Capacity: 1500 LBS


SLX6 PWC Port for a Jet Ski

Just like the SLX5, Wave Armor’s SLX6 Jet Ski Port & Ramp offers easy drive on and roll off accessibility paired with extreme durability for a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo or other jet-propelled personal watercraft. It is 100% foam-filled with a UV protected polyethylene durable shell. With a variety of mounting options and 12 adjustable shock-absorbing wheels, with this PWC Port or PWC ramp system, you can use the SLX6 for a variety of floating docks brands and structures.


  • Width: 72” Wide
  • Length: 12.8” Long
  • Weight: 321 LBS
  • Capacity: 1800 LBS


The new Wave Armor Kayak Launch is made for the beginner or a seasoned kayaker. It’s great for getting on the water in early spring through late fall without getting your feet wet! A simple & safe solution – Also great for canals where you have seawalls. Can be attached to any standard fixed dock or floating docks. Rails feature strategically positioned ball-shaped handgrips for effortless entry and launching. Includes one set of rails, with option for second set for continuous travel-through.


  • Dimensions: 150 × 80 × 12 in
  • Weight: 350 LBS

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