Dock Permit Regulations in Maryland


Boating is a way of life is Maryland and it truly should be with other 400 miles of water tributaries that also connects to the Atlantic Ocean.


Proper dock permits are required before you build a dock of your own. Sometimes getting these permits is no easy task. The U.S. Army corps of engineers and Maryland’s natural resource department is concerned with sub-aquatic life and they will do what needs to be done to protect these life forms.


Before doing work with your dock, decide which permit you will need- a New Dock Permit or Replacement Dock Permit? The Replacement dock permit is easier to come by but also needs to adhere to rules and regulations. New Docks may not extend more than 300 feet into the water and must be inspected. Replacement dock permits are utilized to fix or repair docks, they are not to exceed beyond the original dock work as that would mean you have a new dock.


Another thing to think about while building and planning your dock is the mooring and marina regulations. Maryland regulations state you may not set up moorings in public shellfish beds and private shellfish beds you must have owners consent.


Consider these things along with the arch of the swing interfering with marked or unmarked channels and bridges. Marinas are registered separately and must comply with all marina laws, including sanitary and solid waste removal meeting code and not interfering with other properties in the vicinity.


For further information on what is required by law make sure to check out the Maryland state website and do your research before planning your next big improvement.