Author: Lakeside Dock Sales

De- Icing Your Dock

In the winter time there is always a fear that you dock will be swallowed up by ice and you will not see it until spring time. Most people pull their docks out of the water for fear of damage from the swallowing ice.   If you cannot pull your dock from the water the… Read more »

Dock Permit Regulations in Maryland

Boating is a way of life is Maryland and it truly should be with other 400 miles of water tributaries that also connects to the Atlantic Ocean.   Proper dock permits are required before you build a dock of your own. Sometimes getting these permits is no easy task. The U.S. Army corps of engineers… Read more »

Why Should I Put a Fence Around My Deck?

So you’ve just built a new deck. What a wonderful extension to put on your home. Entertaining becomes an outdoor experience, you can have your morning coffee outside, barbecue and grill your dinners, and lounge in nature. A new deck is just like adding a room to your home, and should be treated as a… Read more »

Advantages of Vinyl Decking

Now is the time to start planning and saving for those summer projects. Once the winter weather clears up it will be time to get to work on the outdoor projects you are dreaming about. Doing your research is going to be the most important part of deciding what type of deck you want for… Read more »

Storing a Boat for Winter out of Water

The water is getting colder and the sun is setting earlier. These are both great signs that it’s time to start thinking about winter storage for your boat. Before you think about it too much, check your owner’s manual or manufacturer website to make sure you do not void your warranty. Some companies will void… Read more »

Winter Storage: Keeping Your Dock in the Water

Fall is officially upon us and this means winter is not far off. It is time to start thinking about and planning for the winter months.  In the winter the water your dock is in will change. The water can freeze and shift everything inside of it. It is important to take the proper steps… Read more »

Floating Dock Safety

Dock owners seek to avoid damage to their floating boat docks for a myriad of important reasons. Any damage caused by a floating dock is the responsibility of the owner, and this can become a life-altering and financial distraction. In high flood areas, a floating dock is a much higher risk than a fixed dock…. Read more »

What Shape Dock Should I Use?

Planning on building a new dock or even replacing an old dock can prove to be a difficult task. It may seem simple in theory but in reality there are many things to think about. You will want to put thought into the materials used, the size, and even the shape. Yes there are different… Read more »